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Geri 1.5x3m Heavy-Duty Plastic Windbreaker, Multi-Colour | Beach Privacy Screen

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Geri Heavy-Duty Plastic Windbreaker, Multi-Colour

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty plastic windbreaker in a vibrant multi-colour design
  • Dimensions of 1.5m in height and 3m in length for ample coverage
  • Four panels and five wooden poles for enhanced stability and support
  • Material designed to resist tearing and fraying
  • Arrives pre-assembled for immediate use
  • Lightweight at 2.25kg, ideal for easy transportation and storage
  • Suitable for a variety of outdoor settings for both privacy and protection

The Geri Heavy-Duty Plastic Windbreaker is an essential item for anyone enjoying the outdoors, offering protection and privacy in gardens, beaches, or next to caravans. This windbreaker, with its 1.5m height and 3m length, combines functionality with aesthetics in a multi-colour design. It's crafted from a tough plastic that resists tearing and fraying, ensuring it withstands the elements effectively.

Featuring four panels and supported by five wooden poles, the windbreaker is designed for optimal stability and support. The poles themselves are robust, enhancing the windbreaker's durability. Its lightweight nature, weighing just 2.25kg, makes it easily portable, while the pre-assembled arrival means it's ready to use without the fuss of installation.

The striking colours of the windbreaker do not just add a visual appeal but also make it easy to spot in busy outdoor settings. This practicality extends to its use, where it serves as a dependable barrier against the wind and offers privacy in open spaces.


  • Material: Heavy-duty plastic
  • Colour: Multi-Colour
  • Dimensions: L: 3m/10ft, H: 1.5m/5ft
  • Weight: 2.25kg


  • 1x Windbreaker with 5 Wooden Poles