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Spaas 30 Hour Pillar Candle 8cm Tall Olive Green Self Extinguishing Candle

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SPAAS Candles

Rustic has never been so modern. This line of classic candles fits everywhere and at all times. Carefully manufactured in attractive shapes (cylinders and spheres), and the most decorative colours. It will make everyone melt.

This candle is Green
It will burn for about 30 hours
its 8cm Tall and 7cm Diameter
Self Extinguishing Candle


The SPAAS master candle makers are proud to be able to continue the tradition, the craftsmanship and the excellent quality that the family has been passing down from generation to generation since 1853.

The common thread through the whole success story is undoubtedly the daily care for the unsurpassed SPAAS quality. Through the years, techniques and trends, fashions and changes in interiors and design, colour and scents have been developed further and implemented in leading products.