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Quality Cordless Home Manicure Pedicure Travel Kit Set

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NEW: Quality Cordless Home Manicure Pedicure Travel Kit Set


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Emory head to shape, sculpt and trim. Diamond cone removes dead skin and calluses. Small grinding cone for cuticles and corners. Grinding cone smooths thick nails and rippled surfaces. Felt cone to polish and buff. All women like beauty. How can you let your nails ruin this?

In order to keep yourself pretty and beautiful, you have to take care of your nails. Then we would like to introduce you to this Manicure Pedicure Kit.


  • This Manicure Pedicure Kit includes the Manicure and Pedicure Kit you need for taking care of your nails and also a bag for you to well put this kit.
  • This Manicure Pedicure Set is 100% brand new cordless manicure pedicure.
  • High-speed rotation, powerful enough to trim and shape tough acrylics and toenails yet is gentle enough to work on cuticles and weak or splitting nails.
  • Made of good material, this Manicure Pedicure Kit is durable with long time use.
  • You can make your own nail salon at home as you want.
  • Catch beauty, get this Manicure Pedicure Kit.
  • You are gonna love it
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