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Natural Paulownia Wood Log Slice Large Tree Slice Centerpiece Stand

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Wooden Slice

These stunning slices of Paulownia wood, is for anyone who needs to finish of their table settings with that added class.

You wont find 2 shapes exactly the same as they are made from slice trees.

Kiln dried, so you can store them in your house as normal

As this is a natural product, the dimensions of plate range between 25cm -35cm.

Thickness 3cm

We have been as transparent as possible, these are natural products, these are not your factory produced items, some pieces may be also missing bark.

You may have cracks in the timber or knots, that is what it is RUSTIC, also some pieces of bark may be missing.

  • Each slice unique to itself
  • Great for steaks or presentation board
  • Light weight
  • With Some Bark on
  • Size 25cm - 35cm
  • Thickness 3cm