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Large Teak Wood Plate Tree Slices Rustic Place Mats Pieces Trees Sliced Thinly

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Slices of Teak:


These stunning slices of Teak are for anyone who needs to finish off their table settings with that added class.



They are made from solid Teak and each plate is varied in shape. You won't find 2 shapes exactly the same as they are made for those who want something different.



Kiln-dried, so you can store them in your house as normal.



Benefits of using Teak: Very Strong. Very Durable. Natural resistance to termites and insects. Resists rot and decay. High dimensional stability. Moisture-resistant.



Dimensions of plates can range from approx 24 - 30 cm



Thickness 1.8 cm - 2 cm



We have been as transparent as possible, these are natural products, these are not your factory produced items.



You may have cracks in the timber or knots, that is what it is RUSTIC