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Large Round Acacia Wooden Chopping Cheese Board Wooden Board Serving board

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Renberg Large Cheese Board:

This stunning Acacia Hardwood Cheeseboard looks great and stylish, it will give you many years of chopping fun in your kitchen.

Acacia furniture includes both indoor and outdoor furnishings made using wood from the acacia tree. This tree, which is native to Australia and Africa, has been used in furniture production since the 18th century.

The wood from the acacia provides some of the same natural benefits as teak, including moisture resistance, hardness, and durability. These properties allow furniture makers to produce acacia furniture that is very long-lasting, and able to hold up well when used outdoors. Acacia wood may also be referred to as black wood, wattle or ironwood.

One of the primary advantages of acacia furniture is its natural durability. This wood is very hard and is unlikely to suffer damage during everyday use.

It is also very heavy and can stand up to frequent use and abuse. Despite its hardness, this wood is surprisingly easy to work with, allowing furniture makers to shape and form it into intricate designs. Acacia features a natural wax coating that helps to protect the wood from water and pests, leading to increased durability and reduced risk of rotting, warping, or swelling.

Unlike many other hardwoods, acacia is also relatively fast-growing. This makes acacia furniture a natural choice for those looking to minimize their impact on the environment. By choosing fast-growing woods like acacia, homeowners can help to decrease their contributions to air and water pollution, habitat destruction, and other ecological problems.


  • Made from Acacia wood
  • Very tough
  • Hole on handle to hang in your kitchen
  • Size 30.5 cm x 41 cm x 1.5 cm Thick

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