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Large Colourful Tiki Cups. Lovely Tiki Cocktail Mugs Tiki Mug

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Tiki Mugs:

World Tableware introduces Tiki mugs in three exciting colours that help you serve "drinks with attitude".

Drawing inspiration from Polynesian culture, Tiki mugs and tumblers are the signature tool used to serve exotic cocktails at Tiki bars, parties, and tropical themed restaurants.

In fact, the collection of Tiki mugs is a hobby in itself.

Whether serving a scorpion, zombie or Mai tai, World Tableware's unique ceramic designs are the perfect way to highlight your Tiki and rum-based cocktails.

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  • Capacity 450ml (45cl)
  • Height 11cm
  • Diameter 8cm
  • Material: Ceramic


5cl organic mezcal, 2cl elderflower liqueur, 1.5cl falernum syrup, 6cl pineapple juice, 2cl passion fruit juice or puree1.5 freshly squeezed limes, 3 dashes of hot and spice bitters, cloves & cinnamon.

Method:Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice, shake and strain into a ceramic Tiki cup, previously filled with ice cubes.

Garnish:Add some exuberant decorations on the top of the cocktail, like a smoky cinnamon stick or exotic flowers and fruits.