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Christmas Tree Top Ornament | Gold Tree Topper Star with Red Bow, Holly Leaf & Acorns

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Gold Tree Topper Star with Red Bow - Christmas Tree Ornament

Key Features:

  • Enchanting gold glitter finish
  • Decorated with a red bow, holly leaf, and acorns
  • Rustic rattan effect for a traditional charm
  • Perfect as a tree topper or for window displays
  • Easy installation on trees or as standalone décor
  • Durable, lasting through many festive seasons

Introduce a festive sparkle to your holiday décor with our Gold Tree Topper Star. This exquisite ornament, adorned with a radiant gold glitter finish and a rustic rattan effect, perfectly captures the essence of Christmas joy and is an ideal addition to your Christmas tree.

More than just a tree topper, this charming decoration is embellished with a vibrant red bow, holly leaf, and acorns, bringing a traditional and heart-warming touch to your festive decorations. Its intricate design and shimmering finish promise to be a dazzling focal point in your holiday setup, spreading cheer and warmth.

The versatile appeal of this Christmas Tree Top Ornament extends beyond the tree. Its rustic charm makes it a popular choice for window displays, adding a festive and welcoming ambiance to any space. Effortlessly installable, it sits securely atop your tree or adorns any display with its captivating presence.


  • Height: 25cm/9.8"
  • Width: 20cm/7.9"

    Celebrate the holiday season with this versatile and charming tree topper, a true embodiment of Christmas spirit.