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Rammento Christmas Tree Pot Planter - For Real & Artificial Trees up to 7ft Tall

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Rammento Christmas Tree Pot - For Real & Artificial Trees up to 7ft

Key Features:

  • Compatible with real and artificial trees
  • Features a festive Santa and Holly design
  • Accommodates trees up to 7ft tall & 12cm thick
  • Sturdy design ensures stability
  • Blends seamlessly with holiday décor
  • Durable construction for years of festive joy

Step into the festive season with the enchanting Rammento Christmas Tree Pot. Delicately adorned with a Santa and Holly design, this pot encapsulates the joy and warmth of Christmas, making it a standout piece for your celebrations.

Designed with versatility in mind, for both real and artificial trees, this stand ensures stability, allowing your tree to shine brightly throughout the festive season. It is always best to add extra support filling the spare gaps with sand/water though. The delightful Santa and Holly motif adds an extra touch of magic, inducing festive spirit into all who glimpse it.

Its spacious 41cm diameter comfortably accommodates trees up to 7ft tall & 12cm thick. Whether showcasing a lush real pine or an artificial masterpiece, the Rammento Christmas Tree Pot stands as a symbol of festive elegance, ensuring your tree remains the centrepiece of the holiday celebrations.


  • Pot Diameter: 41cm
  • Pot Height: 30cm
  • Max Tree Height: 7ft
  • Max Tree Girth: 12cm