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Ex Long Draught Excluder White Squirrel Weighted Door Stop Soft Draft Stop 90cm

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90cm Squirrel Draught Excluder

Keep the cold drafts out with this fun fabric draught excluder. This heavy weighted squirrel draught excluder is 90cm so it will fit almost any door. Simply place the squirrel along the bottom of your closed door and it will keep the draught out and keep the warm in.

The squirrel is filled with small stones to make it heavy so when a draught comes through the bottom of the door, the excluder won't blow away. Because of its weight it can also be used as a door stop.

This is not a toy and children should not play with this item.

Dimensions (approx.) - Length 90cm x Width 12cm, Weight 1Kg

  • Squirrel design
  • Fabric door stop
  • Draft excluder
  • Heavy weight
  • Stone weighted