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Door Mats 60cm x 40cm Wiper Mats Cocoa Mats Floor Coir Mat Hard Wearing Mat

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Wiper Mat

Wiper Mats are for use indoors, and many businesses .

Wiper Mats are known primarily for their ability to absorb and contain moisture (e.g. serving as a place for visitors to wipe their feet).

Cocoa Mats are a newer and more eco-friendly option. These mats are often considered Wiper Mats, however, they are made of the husk fibers of naturally grown coconuts. Cocoa Mats also feature an industrial-strength vinyl backing to keep them in place during use. In addition to being eco-friendly, these unique mats are known to have a long lifespan because the husk fibers are incredibly resilient and not easily damaged by foot traffic.


  • Wiper Mat Cocoa Mat
  • Dimensions 60cm Length x 40cm Width
  • Hard-wearing Mat