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Large Angel Topper Christmas Tree Decoration, White & Silver 25cm (9.8") Pendant

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White & Silver Large Angel Topper Christmas Tree Decoration

Key Features:

  • Large angel topper in white & silver
  • 25cm (9.8") height with a glitter finish
  • Glitter finish flickers against lights for a mesmerising effect
  • Elegant design, perfect for tree topping
  • Versatile for home and office decoration
  • Blends with various festive themes
  • Durable construction for lasting use

Transform your Christmas tree into a magical spectacle with this exquisite Large Angel Topper, a heavenly addition to your festive decorations. 

Standing 25cm tall, this angelic figure captures the spirit of Christmas with its elegant white and silver design.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the topper features a stunning glitter finish. This unique finish not only adds a shimmering effect but also flickers enchantingly against the lights and decorations on your tree, creating a mesmerising play of light that enhances the festive ambiance.

The ethereal white and silver colour palette evokes a sense of purity and peace, adding a touch of serenity to your holiday décor. Perfectly sized at 25cm, this fairy ornament sits gracefully atop your tree, overseeing the festive celebrations.

Its intricate design and sparkling finish make it a captivating centrepiece, sure to draw the admiration of your guests. Not just for the tree, this versatile angel can also adorn your home or office, adding a festive flair to any space.

It’s a traditional Christmas decoration that blends well with both contemporary and classic décor themes. Durable and well-crafted, it’s designed to be a cherished part of your Christmas collection for years to come.


    • Material: High-Quality Materials
    • Colour: White & Silver
    • Height: 25cm/9.8"
    • Finish: Glitter
    • Use: Tree Topper & Decorative Ornament
    • Style: Traditional with Contemporary Flair
    • Sustainability: Reusable