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Rammento Angel Topper Christmas Tree Decoration | 25cm/9.84" Festive Pendant

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Angel Topper - Elegant White Angel Christmas Tree Topper

Key Features:

  • Elegant fairy tree topper with pink-glitter wings
  • Versatile as both a standout angel topper and a standalone decorative piece
  • Ideal for those seeking a unique addition to their angels for Christmas trees
  • Perfect for adding a touch of whimsical elegance to any festive setting

Introducing our Angel Topper, a stellar addition to your festive décor and a standout amongst angel tree decorations.

This angel topper, resplendent with subtle pink-glitter wings, embodies the enchantment of a Christmas tree fairy, making it an exceptional choice for those seeking a unique angel xmas tree topper.

Standing at a graceful 25cm, this ethereal Christmas topper is designed to crown your tree with elegance, its pink-glitter wings adding a unique touch to the traditional imagery of Christmas tree angels.

Its versatility extends beyond tree topping, serving as a captivating standing Christmas decoration for mantels or window displays, and bringing the allure of a Christmas fairy into your home.

The Rammento Angel Topper's delicate design, featuring a pristine white gown, elevates it as a sophisticated white angel tree topper. The subtle pink glitter on its wings sets it apart from standard Xmas tree angel toppers, offering a gentle, festive sparkle that enhances its role as a small angel Christmas tree topper.


  • Height: 25cm/9.84"

Embrace the festive season with the Rammento Angel Topper, where the magic of Christmas meets the elegance of celestial beauty, making your holiday decoration truly radiant and enchanting.