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Christmas Crackers Kit Make Your Own Personalised Xmas Crackers Set x12 DIY Set

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Gold & White 'make-your-own' Crackers

This set of twelve make-your-own crackers is ideal for Weddings, Christmas, Valentines Day, Anniversaries, Baby showers and any other special occasions.

The crackers come flat-packed with snaps for the pulling fun, gold ribbons for tying the ends, a motto for each cracker and a name tag that can be used to personalise each one.

By personalising each one with the name tags and packing your own gift inside, they offer a more creative and personal way of creating your table-scene and saying thank you to your guests for sharing in your special day.

Pulling the crackers and the mottos inside act well as an ice-breaker and is a great way to get your guests chatting and the atmosphere pumping.

The crackers are easy to assemble; simply roll up the cracker and insert the 3 tabs into the slots. Tie up one end with a double knot; insert the joke and your gift of your choice, tie the other end, attach the name card and presto! they are ready to go.

Box Dimensions: Length 22cm, Width 30cm

  • Make your own crackers
  • Set of 12
  • Max gift length 7.5cm
  • Gold & white
  • Festive
  • Heart design
  • Name tags and mottos included
  • Instructions included