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Pack of 10 Luxury Eco-Friendly Christmas Crackers, White & Gold | 14" (35.56cm)

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Pack of 10 Luxury Eco-Friendly Christmas Crackers, White & Gold

Key Features:

  • Pack of 10 eco-friendly Christmas crackers
  • Chic white and gold design
  • 14-inch recyclable celebration crackers
  • Plastic-free, thoughtful gifts inside
  • Enhances festive table settings
  • Perfect for family Christmas games
  • Contributes to a sustainable Christmas

Elevate your festive table setting with our Pack of 10 Luxury Eco-Friendly Christmas Crackers, an exquisite addition in white and gold. Each cracker, stretching to a generous 14 inches, is a statement of elegance and environmental consciousness.

These premium crackers are not just visually stunning with their white and gold design, but they also champion eco-friendliness. Made from recyclable materials, they are a guilt-free choice for those who are environmentally aware.

Inside each cracker, you'll find plastic-free gifts that are both thoughtful and sustainable, ensuring that your festive celebrations are not only fun but also kind to the planet.

Perfect for family gatherings, these crackers add a touch of luxury to your Christmas games and festive tableware, creating memorable moments with loved ones.

Our White & Gold Luxury Christmas Crackers are more than just table decorations; they're a celebration of the festive spirit and environmental responsibility.


  • Material: Recyclable Paper
  • Colour: White and Gold
  • Length: 14 inches (35.56cm)
  • Gift Type: Plastic-Free
  • Theme: Luxury Festive
  • Pack Size: 10x Crackers
  • Eco-Friendly: Yes