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42cm Teak Wood Large Chopping Board Serving Board Serving Platter Unique Natural

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Teak Wood Chopping Board

Perfect for the creative chef, or for using at home to show off your food. Can be used as a chopping board or for serving food directly on it.

Teak Wood is a stunning dense wood renowned for its strength and elegant appearance.

Nearly all Teak Wood pieces have their own individuality due to the nature of the raw material.

As a natural product there will always be a distinction between each piece in terms of size and shape; perfect for the creative chef!

Each piece is handmade and totally unique. You won't get 2 boards looking the same. So if you order more than 1 board, please keep that in mind.


  • Length 42cm approx
  • Width, varies, but approx 26cm
  • Thickness 3cm