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10 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas 2020, blog post.

10 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas 2020

Ooh, it’s that time of year again… The air is getting steadily nippier, the mornings darker, and the Christmassy feeling more palpable.

But along with that comes a slightly sinking feeling. It feels like every gift idea that ever existed has already been used, and inspiration, that elusive mystery, is nowhere to be found.

Anyone can slap down some money for a witty mug and present it with ribbon, but gifting is most meaningful when it reflects the things that matter to your loved ones.

Here are ten unique Christmas gift ideas for family and friends.





Cashmere gloves

Partner, mum or dad, sibling, friend, postman, local shopkeeper - this goes for seriously everyone. Gloves are one of those useful things you can have multiples of and still appreciate a new pair. Whatever their style, there’s a pair out there somewhere.



Letterbox bouquet

Flowers send a lovely message whatever the occasion, and they’re perfect for one of those people who seem to have everything already. For an extra touch, find out their Christmas colour scheme (if they have one) and match it with flowers.



Coffee pods and holder

For that person who makes coffee into a religion (we all know one of them…). Invest in a really beautiful pod holder and pre-fill it with their favourite flavours.



Gardening kit

For the green-fingered one of the family - fill a decorative planter with seeds, kneeling pad, string, plant labels and wrap it prettily for a charming and personalised gift.



Multipurpose tool

Everyone finds themselves wishing they had a pocket knife or screwdriver at some point, and it’s often the unexpected gifts that end up well-used. Think of the most unlikely person to receive a penknife and surprise them (and yourself). For that extra touch, have it engraved with their name or a meaningful message.



Jewellery roll

The perfect way to organise and take along jewellery, for frequent travellers or the grad who’s going to college.



All-in-one travel adapter

For a useful and thoughtful gift for any frequent traveller (or dreamer), gift them an all-in-one worldwide travel adapter. If you really want to show them you care, pair it with a wall map and a box of pins so they can map out their route from the comfort of their home.



Pack of personalised cards

Whether it’s the blank-faced poker expert, the kid who’s forever ordering you to pick a card and don’t tell me!, or even the one who loves showing off his riffling expertise, a pack of personalised cards is just the thing.




Bluetooth tracking stickers

Ah, the frustration of sitting back down to the TV and realising you’ve left the remote… where? In the kitchen? By the front door? You might think this gift is simply a sticker or two, but it’s really the great secret to a peaceful existence. Use these on a camera, remote, bike, laptop, glasses, or anything else that gets mislaid. If you’re feeling extra generous, download the app onto your phone and tag theirs.



Wall poster

This is perfect for that person who seems to convert everything you say to lyrics and replies by bursting into song. Or the one who can reel off every witty line their favourite character ever uttered. Or the one who boasts their high scores to every unfortunate person they meet. Download a desktop background of their favourite character, series or game and print it as a huge wall poster they can plaster over their bedroom wall, ceiling or wherever they feel like.

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